Cook's Club

The Cook’s Club is the What’s Cooking & Arrowmaster Loyalty program. When purchasing from What’s Cooking or Arrowmaster a Cook's Club member will be rewarded with points that lead to a Voucher offering discounts on future purchases. It is also vehicle for connecting and communicating with members our latest offers and new products.As a Cook’s Club member, you will receive a point for every dollar spent in store or online, once you accumulate 200 points you will be issued a $10.00 reward to use for the following transaction.This reward will be available at the checkout on the next purchase, instore or online and can be used immediately or left to accumulate for later.The points you accrue and the Vouchers you receive have no expiry so can be accumulated and spent at your own pace.All What’s Cooking Stores, Arrowmaster and the online site will offer points and redeem rewards

Useful Information

The Cook’s Club is open to all customers and is free to join
Points are available to earn in all What’s Cooking stores, Arrowmaster and the Whats Cooking Online Sales Website.
Rewards can be redeemed in all Whats Cooking Stores, Arrowmaster and the Whats Cooking Online Sales Website, regardless of where they were earned.
Vouchers are not transferrable for Cash or store credit. Multiple vouchers can be used in one transaction if already available before the transaction commences.
200 accumulated Points will earn the Member a $10.00 reward voucher.
When redeeming a voucher, the balance of your sale will accumulate points towards the next voucher.
What’s Cooking will from time to time advise customers of specials, promotions, events, and new product via email
A Customer can opt out of being a Cook's Club member at any time or choose to unsubscribe from emails.
Members will earn 1 point for each dollar spent unless a promotion is run that offers additional points.

Exclusions and Terms

Unless stated in a promotion Cook’s Club Reward Points and Discounts cannot be earned in conjunction with other promotions. (Free vouchers, bonus or GWP etc)
Only ONE club Member can be added to a single transaction
A customer must advise the store staff PRIOR to the sale commencing that they are a Cook’s Club Member as sales cannot be added after processing. 
Points are earned on the scanned price of the item
Rewards points are not able to be earned on the purchase of Gift Cards. They can however be earned on purchases when redeeming a Gift Card.
Should a Reward Voucher purchase be refunded the value of the voucher will be returned to the member’s account by refunding that portion to the loyalty account and then the residual amount refunded to the cash or EFTPOS etc. 
Should a sale earning Rewards Points be refunded the Members name must be added to the sale first and the refund processed as usual this will return the points off the members’ account. 
Rewards vouchers cannot be used to make layby payments or towards Gift Voucher / Gift Card purchases.  
Points cannot be transferred between member, and only the members purchase will earn points. 

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