Global Ikasu Knife Block 7 Piece
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Global Ikasu Knife Block 7 Piece
RRP $799.99
Our Price$399.00


This Block Includes

  • 8cm Paring Knife
  • 11cm Utility Knife
  • 13cm Cook / Chef Knife
  • 14cm Vegetable Knife
  • 20cm Cook / Chef Knife
  • 22cm Bread Knife
  • Bamboo Block

Japanes Made Global Knives really are the Ferrari of the Knife World! Sleek, impeccably designed and cutting edge.  

The Features that make Global knives superior to other knife ranges include:

·      They are made from the finest high carbon stainless steel available for producing professional quality kitchen knives and this steel has been designed exclusively for Global knives.


·      This steel is ice hardened for strength and hard enough for Global knives to hold the edge for a long time...but soft enough so that it is not too difficult to sharpen them.


·      The Global edge is truly its signature, ground to a straighter, longer and more acute angle than western knives which results in a dramatically finer and sharper knife which keeps sharper longer.


·      To balance their knives, Global uses a hollow handle which is then filled with just the right amount of sand to create the correct balance. Global uses this method rather than using a full tang and a bolster as it is far more precise and ensures longer smother cuts than with a bolster.  


·      Other unique features of Global knives are their smooth contours and seamless, all stainless steel, single piece construction which eliminates food and dirt traps offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene, and dimpled handles for a secure grip.

·      It is recommended that you wash your Global knives by hand using a mild dishwashing liquid and water and dry thoroughly with a towel. Global knives should NOT be put in the dishwasher.


·      We recommend you store your Global knife in a knife block, magnetic wall rack, knife dock or knife rolls.


·      Global recommends periodically sharpening your knives using either a Global WaterStone Sharpener or ceramic stone. In between stone sharpening’s, it is recommended that you use the Global fine ceramic or diamond rod to keep the edges of your knives aligned. Global serrated knives do not need to be sharpened.

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